I have been painting in acrylics and oils for over 50 years. While primarily a painter, I have also worked in ceramics and other mediums.  I explore my vision through any tools I find at hand.

Available Art


Art is real, and grounding, and serious, and fun. That is why I do it.
Art is elevating, mind altering, spiritually rewarding and uplifting.
I have been doing this for over 50 years. I choose to do art above all else in my life except for other things necessary to live.
I am a narrative artist. I weave stories using found object materials, paint, wood, metal and canvas. But primarily I am a painter on canvas.
I live with my husband of 45 years in the wilds of north Idaho on acreage in the mountains and create my art there.

Examples of past commissions.

Yes, as a figurative painter I do accept commissions, but I am not a portraitist.

When commissioned to paint, I ask for photographs and details about the individuals portrayed.

Artist Statement

Art works currently available for purchase.

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